Invest In Positive Experiences
Invest in your favorite concerts, festivals, networking events, and more, while generating impact to a positive cause
A New, Simple & Secure Way To:

Invest In What You Love

Pay for tickets using cryptocurrencies or upgrade your experience by investing in your events and earn attractive returns

Unlock Unique Experiences

Want more than just a ticket? Get exclusive access and perks for your event: VIP, Backstage Passes, Meet & Greet sessions and much more

Grow Your Digital Assets

Investors earn returns relative to the event's success. A secure, transparent and collaborative investment. A new era of digital investing is here
Staxe Core Pillars
One of Staxe's principles is to democratize and fairly distribute the value of a successful event to every one of its contributors: From performers to organizers to attendees
Our DLT protocol provides our users with a safe framework to accept each others terms for collaborating in the event, careless of the trust factor such an association would imply. Full transparency guaranteed
Governed by Smart Contracts, each participating party's proof of ownership & transactions are verified by a public Blockchain. Staxe cuts off obsolete intermediaries and never holds funds
We empower a community of authentic and reliable users. Events in our platform are produced by a curated group of professional organizers with a proven track record for successful events
How It Works

An Event Is Announced

A Professional Event Organizer (curated by the community)  broadcasts his/her event to the Staxe Platform. Contracts signed for the Venue, artists/speakers, agencies, and suppliers are verified by Staxe

Event Perks & Profitability

Simultaneously, organizers pre-define the parameters for their event's crowdsale. These include the fundraising targets, available perks for investors (exclusive access & more), and your potential profit if the event sells out

Your Choice: Attendee or Investor 

Choose whether you simply want a ticket for the event or upgrade your status by investing in it.  Investors get upgraded access and perks, in addition to the right to claim their share of the event's profits

Showtime & Results

Enjoy your exclusive access to the event! Official ticket sales are published and resulting profits are automatically distributed to investors directly to their wallets. Reinvest or trade for other cryptocurrencies.
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