Who is behind Staxe?
We are a team of entrepreneurs who eat technology for breakfast, eat a sustainable lunch almost everyday, and usually have dinner at an event or concert. Our passions orbit around blockchain technology, Live Events & social gatherings and impact investing. Click below to learn more about us:
How do I create a #NewAccount in Staxe?
Go to 'Sign In' in the top right navigation bar to Sign In or Create a #NewAccount and following the instructions
How do I #reset my password?
On the Sign In screen, simply tap on #ForgotYourPassword to prompt a password #Reset. Then, type in your email to receive a reset link to your email
What is the #EventPortal? 
The #EventPortal is your main starting point to discover event opportunities. You can perform the following actions from the #EventPortal:

1) Browse for Events by swiping the event cards left/right

2) Tap the #SaveEvent icon to save an event to your favorites

3) Tap the #Share icons to share the event with others in social media

4) Tap on a #tag to discover similar events

5) Tap on the #TicketsButton to go to the offical ticket sale page of the event

6) Tap on the #InvestButton to invest in an event
What is #SoftCap? 
#SoftCap defines the minimum amount of funds needed for an organizer to feel confident about beginning to sell tickets. If not reached before the defined CrowdSale Date, your funds will be refunded and no investment or perk awards will take place
What is #Target?
#Target defines the organizer's funding target to cover the costs of producing the event, excluding door-split deals. It also serves to define the size of the crowdsale to potential investors, also know as #Hardcap
What is #OrganizerCommit?
#organizerCommit is the initial amount of funds that the Organizer pledges as “Skin in the Game” for contributing to the event. This amount is visible to potential investors in the Funding Status Bar as initially contributed funds
What is #ProfitsDistributionDays?
#ProfitsDistribution discloses to potential investors how many days after the event will the resulting event profits be distributed amongst its co-investors
What does #CrowdfundingStart mean?
#CrowdfundingStart is the start date and time during which the event’s crowdsale will be active for receiving investments
What does #CrowdfundingEnd mean?
#CrowdfundingEnd is the date and time when the crowdsale will end, given the #Target (#Hardcap) has not been reached
What is #FundsAllocation
The #FundsAllocation chart explains how contributed funds by investors will be used to produce the event. Keep in mind that if the actual funds raised by the event's CrowdSale are lower then the Funding Target (HardCap), the funds allocation % will be adjusted in accordance to actual funds raised.
What does #Organizer mean?
#Organizer is the funds contribution provided by the organizer, relative to the Funding Target (HardCap)
What is #SuppliersReserve 
#SuppliersReserve denotes the % of funds that will be used to cover the supplier costs involved in producing the show, relative to the Funding Target (HardCap). Keep in mind profits resulting from ticket sales are not distributed to the suppliers, these funds instead act as an escrow account to guarantee payment to the venue, event staff, and other suppliers
What does #Bounty mean?
#Bounty defines the percentage of CrowdSale funds that are reserved for Staxe users that support the project by successfully completing the microtasks offered by the event. The higher the bounty, the better chance investors have to boost their profits by completing tasks! Bounty is also a percentage relative to the event's Funding Target (HardCap)
What does #Sponsored mean?
#Sponsored is the percentage of funds relative to the Funding Target (HardCap) that have been contributed by a sponsor to the event. Note no profits will be distributed to sponsors, but they rather boost the crowdsale's profits or sponsor the bounty's funds
What does #Crowdinvestors mean?
#Crowdinvestors defines the actual size of the crowdsale available to potential investors, relative to the event's Funding Target (HardCap)
What does #MaxInvestment stand for?
The investor’s #MaxInvestment limits the amount of funds a single investor may invest in a specific event. The % is relative to the crowdsale goal, or #HardCap. 
What do the #BestCase, #Breakeven, #BestCase figures mean?
These figures expose 3 potential scenarios that can result from the event. Given final profits depend on resulting ticket sales, which we do not know yet, we can calculate a #WorstCase scenario where zero ticket sales are assumed, a #BestCase scenario where the event is sold out and a #Breakeven scenario indicating how many tickets must be sold before Staxeholders can begin expecting profits. They also define an unalterable expected profitability range explained by ticket sales and ROI
What is the "More from this Organizer" section for? 
The #Organizer page shows the event initiator’s profile, showing each event organizer's track record of creating events within the Staxe platform. It is a great tool for potential investors to review stats and endorsements resulting from real events organized by the same producer. Organizers with frequently sold-out events and high ROI figures signal a higher probability of success over other events
What are Event #Perks?
The event #Perks are unique benefits that each event offers exclusively to its investors. Perks can be selected by investors whose contributed funds are equal or higher to an investment amount required by each perk. There's a limited amount of perks that are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis by our smart contracts until depletion
What are #MyInvestments? 
#MyInvestments is your personal section showing the investments you currently hold and also those those events you've invested in in the past. It also presents some of your personalized investor statistics to help keep track of your overall performance across different event investments.
If you are still having trouble, please contact us via our support page.
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